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Burn Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

Burns are very difficult to handle medically, and the treatments are some of the most painful to experience. When the injury has occurred in a work-related accident, car accident or other accident in which another individual is responsible, it is crucial to the future of the victim to contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer. Dealing with the injury can be a long term situation, and may require several years of reconstructive surgeries. Burn scars can inhibit movement in the hands and other body parts, and often result in an inability to work or perform normal tasks. A personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva can assist the victim and their families to recover the financial compensation that they will need to handle the medical costs and other damages that are a result of the negligence, reckless or dangerous act of another person or corporation.

Types of Burn Injuries

There are several degrees of burn injuries, each requiring increasing levels of medical attention. The legal team at the Law Offices of David R. Silva fights aggressively for the rights of the injured individual in burn injury cases, including the following types of burns:

First degree burns: This is the least severe of burn injuries, and usually can be resolved with very little medical care required, although they can be painful. The scarring is minimal, and the injury affects only the top layer of skin, as in sunburn.

Second degree burns: This burn injury affects the top two layers of skin, the epidermis and the underlying layer, the dermis. These are serious burns that can affect hair follicles as well as sweat glands, and if not properly treated medically can turn into third degree burns. The scarring can be disfiguring in these cases, and the pain is usually excruciating.

Third degree burns: This burn injury affects 3 layers of skin, and results in extensive scarring and pain. It can result in skin appearing to be white or translucent in color. These burns are usually extremely painful for the victim, and result in disfiguring scars.

Inhalation injuries: When an individual inhales extremely hot air, the lungs, mucus membranes and airways can be damaged. Steam causes more severe injury to the lungs than hot air, and when toxic substances are involved, such as in an industrial accident or explosion, the damage to the lungs and other body systems can have lifetime damages, or in the worst cases, the damage is fatal.

When a burn injury is the result of an industrial accident, equipment failure or due to improperly maintained equipment, or as the result of the violation of safety standards, the burn victim requires skilled legal representation to assist them in their claim for damages. As burn injuries usually require extensive medical handling, the compensation is often extremely high, and it is crucial for the victim and their families that an attorney from the Law Offices of David R. Silva reviews the details of your case before accepting any settlement offer. All types of damages must be aggressively sought, including the all medical costs, both now and in the future, the loss of income, pain and suffering and the damages that relate to the changes in your quality of life after the burn injury.

Contact a San Francisco Burn Injury Attorney from the Law Offices of David R. Silva for experienced legal representation in serious burn injury cases.

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